Daily Prompt; Ready, Set, Go

Because I’m not in the mood to write, that’s why I’m doing this. I have 10 minutes to make this post. It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to be.

Today went on and on. I didn’t even get to work super early, but I worked hard I think. Can you really call using your mind to create content and share content on the Internet work? I don’t know. Digging ditches is work. Making steel beams is work. I don’t do those things, so why am I so tired?

I think I’m tired in general. I’m tired of the mundane, the same old, same old. I want excitement, I want warm weather, I want the beach, and the mountains. I want to get out of bed whenever I want to. Alas, this cannot be.

I did do good “work” today. I finished a script for a demo video of a new web application. I even started making the video, so I can’t complain.

I want to feel like I have the time to write. I don’t want to feel that if I don’t write tonight I will never be a writer. I will fail. I don’t want to write under my own duress. I don’t know if fI spelled that correctly, but I don’t have time to look it up. I’m on the clock.

I’m getting on the treadmill tonight . I do twenty minutes because it gets tedious quickly. You hear from people like Dr. OZ that you should do 30 minutes a day, but I’m doing what I can.

Two minutes left. Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show is on the the background, and it’s a distraction. They’re talking about Republicans and Democrats. I’m so tired of politics. It’s so fake. What’s real in life? That’s what I should have written about.

I’m running out of time and I’m hungry.

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