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Daily Prompt: Flangiprop

flangiprop (noun)- a person who uses profanity as a means of bolstering his reputation.

The word flangiprop emerged in the 16th century when groups of Swedish and Danish noblemen would gather near the fjords at a festival called Flangonrompistika. The centerpiece of the festival was a competitive event in which the men would shout insults at each other from sunrise until sunset, or until the men could no longer sustain the shouting. The man who issued the most offensive and loudest insult was awarded a trophy called the flangiprop. The flangiprop, carved from the hoof of a male caribou, was one of the most sought-after treasures of the time.

Flangonrompistika has fallen out of favor over the centuries, but the word flangiprop is now used to describe a man highly skilled at the art of delivering vulgar insults.  Today, Flangonrompistika reenactments are fairly common throughout modern Scandinavia, but the flangiprop trophy is now made from synthetic materials.

caribou illustration


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  1. Hah! Alas, in my youth I would have coveted the flangiprop. I always wanted to be the best at shouting insults, but I was one of those poor unfortunate souls who could only think of something witty and vulgar to say when given proper time to ponder and practice through trial and error. The trophy would never have been mine. Sad, sad times.

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