Mini Breakdown and the Higgs Boson

Before you get too excited, I’ll let you know that I won’t be talking to much about the recent Higgs Boson news. This post is more about my job search.

I’m sitting in the living room. Sadie is with me on the couch. OJ is on the floor where he usually is when we’re in the living room. If he decides he wants to come over and be closer to me, Sadie will chases him back to his spot. She’s a little jealous.

I had a mini breakdown the other night. I was in bed thinking about the  three jobs I’ve applied for. I felt confident when I spruced up my resume and wrote my cover letters. When you take stock of yourself like that, you realize you’ve got a lot more going for you than  what you’ve given yourself credit for. That night I had lost my confidence. I had myself a good little cry. Everybody needs a good cry from time to time.

Today I applied for a job that involves coordinating projects.  I remembered my experience producing performances for the dance company I used to belong to. That was project management,  so I mentioned it in my cover letter. I’ve got some experience under my belt that I forget about in those moments when I’m feeling sorry for myself. I have to keep remembering that the universe has always taken care of me and it always will. It’s never failed me.

In Physics news

They think they’ve found the “God Particle.”  I can’t intelligently discuss it so I’ll point to an article about it. This existence of ours  (if we do in fact exist), is amazing isn’t it?


The birds were singing today, loudly and gleefully. Spring is  next week. It’s going to snow tomorrow, but spring is next week! I just might make it out of this cold dark winter.

A drowsy OJ

A drowsy OJ

Sleepy Sadie

Sleepy Sadie



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