Under a rock

I would like to crawl under a rock and come back out when everything has changed. I have been working on a project for months and it seems like it should be drawing to a close, but it won’t end. It won’t end because I chose to use Adobe Captivate 6 to make my training/demonstration videos for the newly initiated business intelligence system here at good old Indiana University. Captivate 6 is very buggy as it turns out. I would like to move on to my next project, but I keep getting pulled back in to the other one.

I need a big rock to crawl under where I can watch the season of Doctor Who that isn’t on Netlix yet. I need the Doctor himself to show up and take me away in the TARDIS. I know I’d be a good companion.

I want do whatever it is I want to do, whenever I want. Life is a lot of hard work, and I’m feeling pretty lazy.

My negative sentiment for today…


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