I’m standing at what I think is called a cafe table, typing this post on my laptop.  I’m  at this table because I need to stand up. I’ve been sitting too long today. There’s evidence that people who sit a lot are less healthy, and die sooner than those who spend most of their days upright and moving. See this Mayo Clinic article. I wasn’t sure what to write today, but I felt it was important to write something.

I poured myself the day’s  third cup of coffee, logged onto the old blog, and fired up a new post. Then I looked at the screen and thought about what I wanted to say. I thought about the wave of negativity  that washed over me this morning. I thought about the winter weather that came on the second day of spring. I thought about the emotional tingling I experienced when listening to the Les Miserable soundtrack earlier today. Then I typed the words That’s right.

Why were my hands compelled to type those words? What exactly was right? Is my unconscious telling me that everything is okay and that I shouldn’t worry? Is there even such thing as the unconscious mind, or was Freud just full of it? I considered making this post purely visual. I thought I’d illustrate some idea or the other using PowerPoint. I’ll do that sometime, but not today. Today I’m just writing for writing’s sake.

Yesterday I thought of vlog idea. I’d call it Fives, or 5s, or My Five, or something like that. I could just turn on the camera and talk about five things. Five things I learned today, five animals I really like, my five favorite foods, yadda yadda. It might be an idea worth developing.

Here’s a visual, so something shows up when this gets posted to Facebook.

Stand up and be counted

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