My Way

I have to find my own way. I really do. I had a job interview today and it made me realize that I know what I really like to do. I like dealing with information. I like sharing content, mine and that of others. I like using the word “content,” even though it’s probably one […]

Reading is good for me

I came across this article, The Most Enjoyable Way to Improve Your Writing Skills, today via LinkedIn. The article, written by a communications professor, is about how reading helps make you a better writer. It’s no secret that good writers love to read, and they read a lot. This professor gives her students an assignment […]

Can’t Complain

What about today? It was a Wednesday–it still is. I got myself out of bed and started the day in the usual way. A co-worker asked how my job search was going, and I said it wasn’t really going at all. But I told him that things would happen for me when they are supposed […]

We’ll call this a journal entry

I see a lot of posts on the Internet about how everybody needs to use storytelling to sell their products, or make their elearning projects more effective. This sounds to me like yet another one of those trendy ideas that everyone is supposed to latch onto and talk about. So I’ve decided to investigate this […]

Music is Everything

Music is everything. Music makes us human, and it shows us our humanity. Music comes from the earth, but music is heaven. If you are ever lost, music will find you. Music is a companion for the lonely. When you are weak, music is your strength. When you can’t speak, it is your voice. Music […]

Revisions, a Confession, and Naked Trees

1) Last week I had several moments in which I felt that I could write something beautiful. 2) I felt like a writer last week. 3) There were moments last week when I thought I had something to write about. 4) Poetry churned in my soul last week. I did’t write anything last week, and […]

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