Don’t speak to me of wintry mixes!

Spring came and we got a winter weather warning, then we got winter weather. The snow here has melted. Temperatures warmed up over the weekend. Things were looking up. Then the lady on the radio said something about a wintry mix for Monday. I told her  to “Shut up!” The weather person on the  tv news that night started talking about a wintry mix. I told him  to “Shut up!” Now I know that neither of these people could hear me, and even if they did they wouldn’t be able to stop the impending weather event, but I screamed at them anyway. I also declared that I wanted my money back. I don’t recall actually paying anyone for spring to come, but you’ve got to say something don’t you?

Alas, the bad weather didn’t come today. The temperature has dropped steadily throughout the day, but the sun is shining. When the sun shines I can pretend that everything will be all right.

I’m nervous  these days. I have three or four job applications out there and I know I need to send  those follow-up emails like the experts say you should, but I’m scared.

I finished and posted my short story, proving to my self that I can finish and post a short story. Maybe I’ll  try writing another.

My goal for this week is to go back the practice of staying off of the Internet after 8pm. I also needto break my addiction  to the word game Moxie.


I’ve given up Angry Birds for Moxie if you can believe that.

It’s supposed to be 59 degrees on Friday. I’ll believe it when I feel it, but I’m oh so very hopeful.

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