We’ll call this a journal entry

I see a lot of posts on the Internet about how everybody needs to use storytelling to sell their products, or make their elearning projects more effective. This sounds to me like yet another one of those trendy ideas that everyone is supposed to latch onto and talk about. So I’ve decided to investigate this storytelling idea and write about it in my ‘A Learing Experience’ blog. I’ve started by collecting some resources on storytelling in a Pearltree called the ‘The Idea of Storytelling’ (on Pearltrees.com). I’ve got an idea! I’ve got something to work on! Now I gotta do the work. I’ll let you know when the post is up.

In other news, I applied for a job for which I’m pretty sure I don’t meet the experience requirements. The application probably won’t make it past the HR screeners, but hey, I tried. I had considered writing a somewhat flippant cover letter, but in the end I simply stated a few of my good points and left it up to the job gods. In retrospect, I’m guessing flippancy is not a good strategy for job seekers.

IU signed a new contract with lynda.com for use of their new lyndaCampus service. I made a video to promote it. Take a look if you’re interested.

So I’m watching the news about the Boston Marathon bombing and wondering what horrible thing is going to happen next. Can we ever feel safe?

On a much brighter note, I’m in a belly dance troupe! I was invited to join Bloomington’s tribal fusion dance troupe Different Drummer Belly Dancers. Margaret Lion, the troupe founder, wanted to do belly dance to modern music, so she started a troupe. We’ll be giving roving performances at Gen Con in Indianapolis in August. We’ll also perform an extended set at Gen Con’s popular costume contest. So I might see you there!


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