Can’t Complain

What about today?

It was a Wednesday–it still is. I got myself out of bed and started the day in the usual way.

A co-worker asked how my job search was going, and I said it wasn’t really going at all. But I told him that things would happen for me when they are supposed to happen. I told him that everything is all right. Everything is, in fact, all right.

I orchestrate my own destiny. I’m not always aware of how I’m doing it, but I’m making it happen. I have a job doing a thing that I enjoy, and that I’m good at. How can I complain?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and now I’m writing fairly regularly. I’m figuring out what kind of writing I like to do. I’m finding a place for myself in a world where I always suspected I might not really belong. Some people read my blogs and that gives me incentive to keep writing. I don’t dare complain.

I have more chances to dance now. I have a reason to practice belly dance drills because I’m in a troupe and, I need to be good. I can use my Rachel Brice dvds with a purpose now.
There’s no complaining for me.

I can make art because I enjoy making art. It doesn’t have to be good. It just has to keep me whole.

Nothing is wrong. Everything is as it should be. If you catch me complaining, please tell me to go back and read this post.


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