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Ernie and I went to an ISU baseball game in Terre Haute last Friday (May 3rd) with the express purpose of getting the autograph of the six foot five, left handed pitcher Sean Manaea. He’s a top draft prospect and seems to be a nice kid. I got a not-so-great picture of him and Ernie got his autograph.

Sean Manaea at Bob Warn Field at Sycamore Stadium
Sean Manaea after the game on May 3, 2013.


This post isn’t about baseball. It’s about the trip back from Terre Haute and how I remember making the trip from Champaign, IL to Bloomington, IN via Terre Haute, multiple times before finally settling in Bloomington. I knew I had made that trip many times, but I couldn’t figure out why. I’d even begun to convince myself that I had overestimated the number of trips I’d made. It turns out I was just slowly moving stuff out of one apartment to the other. I had a lot of stuff, and despite the fact that I was driving an SUV, it took a lot of trips to get it all to Bloomington.

Because I couldn’t clearly remember this significant time in my life, I wished that I had kept a journal. I’m starting to see the importance of documenting my life. I wish my mother had kept a journal of her life. She’s told me stories, but she’s gone now and those stories are lost. My grandmother’s stories are gone too. I should try again to interview my Dad to capture some of his past before he’s gone. I attempted to do this before, but my notes are kind of spotty. Maybe I’ll record him with audio or video.

All that being said, I need to start documenting all of my days. That requires some discipline, so maybe I should shoot for at least twice a week. I can use this blog and keep the posts private if I want to. I feel like this period of my life is somehow particularly significant. It needs to be documented.

Here’s something that happened today. Apparently someone on a bike had a run in with a car near the building where I work. I don’t know details yet. There were several emergency vehicles on the scene. I suppose it won’t hit the local paper until tomorrow morning.

A biker down on 10th Street in Bloomington.
A biker down on 10th Street in Bloomington.

In work news: I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for, but that’s okay because I really didn’t want it. I finished my Photoshop video series and now the bosses are looking at it. I’m hoping they will want me to do more. In the meantime I’m taking the initiative and starting a video series for Word 2010: The Essentials. I found that making video training on a subject really forces me to learn it well, so creating script for a Word series won’t be for nothing if it turns out the bosses don’t want these videos made.

Other blogs: I made a posting schedule for my other blogs. I am way behind.

I wrote more than I expected to today. Can’t be bad…







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