Happy Friday my funky llama!

Today was Friday but it didn’t feel like Friday because I didn’t go to work yesterday. My motivation was low, my mood was sour, I just wanted to go home and go back to bed. It was so hard to get out of bed this morning because I had my Sadie at my feet. Life was perfect!

There were a few moments during the day in which I felt like writing. I wanted to write. I’m so glad I can finally say that I like to write.

I went outside with my phone in hopes of taking a picture that I could write about. It was raining very lightly and the temperature was a bit cool, so I went back in. It was quite chilly in the building, so I wasn’t happy there either.

I found Learnist on Pinterest, and discovered that there are many more online education tools than I realized. I will have plenty of things to write about in my A Learning Experience blog.

I feel like drinking red wine tonight. I like Merlot. I started drinking Merlot because I like the sound of the word Merlot, but then I found that I like the taste of it too. I pick wine based on names and labels. This is Funky Llama.


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