Dog Lady

Yesterday, in the Walmart parking lot, there was a dog in the car parked next to ours. The car’s owner (a woman in middle age) walked up as Ernie was communicating with the dog through the partially open window. He told her that he noticed the dog and that we were dog lovers. The phrase took me aback slightly because I’m new to this dog loving life. I used to be strictly a cat person, but now there’s Sadie, who might be the love of my life.

The woman (I’ll call her the dog lady) proceeded to tell us her dog’s story. The dog was female and had belonged to someone for 10 years, but they had to give her up for some reason. She had a few health problems and was woefully underweight. The woman learned of the dog’s plight on Facebook and she decided that this dog (who lived in North Carolina), needed her. I asked the dog lady if she drove all the way down there to get the dog, but she said “no, I flew her in.” Ernie and I were impressed. Someone who spends hundreds of dollars to fly a needy dog from halfway across the country is a good person. I don’t know how much she’s spent on veterinary bills, but it’s got to be quite a lot.

The take-home message from this story is that this world is full of love. Love really does exist. Sometimes you find it by talking to a stranger in the Walmart parking lot.

Puppy with rose in his mouth and red heart in the background.
Puppy Love

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  1. I truly enjoyed this story. Without a doubt there are lots of loving people in this world, you being one. Love you

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