Excited About Dancing!

I recently became a member of Different Drummer Belly Dancers, and I’m having so much fun! I’m learning new pieces of choreography, brushing up on my American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance skills, and getting to know my troupe mates who are really interesting and cool. Liby, for example, is a talented seamstress and designer. Go check her out on Facebook, and watch her Multicraftual podcast too.

Speaking of Liby, one of the best things about belly dancing is the costumes. Over the years I haven’t spent much money or effort on costumes. I end up wearing pretty much the same thing for every performance. My performances have been few and far between so it didn’t really matter that I was wearing the same thing over and over. Now that I’m in a troupe I have given myself permission to spend a little money on costumes. Liby is placing an order with Belly Dance Digs and I’m getting a big skirt and a couple of tops like this.

"Full Circle Gypsy Ruffle" Skirt as low as $21

"Short Sleeve" Top as low as $9.50

We’ll be dancing at the Spencer Pride Festival in Spencer, Indiana. I was just as surprised as you are that the little town of Spencer has its own gay pride fest. The troupe will be performing some group numbers, and some of us will be doing solos. I’m going to solo to “Word Up” by Cameo. I heard it the other day and realized how great it would be to belly dance to. Now the type of belly dance I do is part Tribal, part Tribal Fusion, part Cabaret, and part Modern Dance, and something that sort of resembles Hip Hop. Click the links to learn more about hose dance styles.

I sometimes don’t even want to call what I do “belly dance,” because it doesn’t quite fit the mold. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the art of belly dance. I’m not going to get into that here.

So I’m going to need some shoes for when we dance at the outdoor gigs. I have this idea to get some white Keds knockoffs and decorate them with Zentangle-like designs. The shoes may turn out to be a mess, but I’ve got to give it a try.

This was supposed to be a short post, but now it’s long. I’m going to stop writing and start thinking about what I’ll wear for our first performance. I’m so excited!

Here’s a picture of me in my standard costume:


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