The Lizard/Duck Transformation

I was listening to the Wrestling with Depression podcast today. The episode featured Brendon Burns, an Australian comedian who has had problems with drugs and alcohol. He was talking about coming out of rehab and declaring himself a changed man, and his friends not necessarily believing it. He realized that you’re not really a new man until your friends see evidence of it through your behavior. He also said something about self-awareness only being available through other people’s  eyes.

He made a very insightful analogy. I’m not sure exactly how it was worded, but it boiled down to this: A lizard didn’t start walking and then one day suddenly become a duck. A lot happened in between lizard-dom and duck-dom. I don’t think the science here is solid. But isn’t it fun imagining a lizard suddenly transforming into a duck?

This lizard-duck business started me thinking about my desire to be a writer and to be known as a writer. I realized that I can call myself a writer until the cows come home, but until people can see evidence of my writing, I’m not a writer.

My Different Drummer Belly Dancers bio went live today. In it I declare that I hope to one day make a living as a blogger. I recently read about a study that showed that if you go public with a goal you are less likely to achieve it than if you keep it a secret. We’ll, I’ve gone public and I can’t take it back now, so I’ll have to assume that this study won’t apply to me.

Listening to Brendon Burns strengthened my resolve to write a blog post this evening. I am  determined to prove that I am a writer by writing.

Lizard to Duck

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