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It’s the ankle!

It turns out that my ankle is the source of all of my problems. I’m exaggerating a little, but not a lot.
I was looking at my left ankle and realized it was a little swollen. Then I thought about it, and concluded that my ankle is always swollen.

Here’s something weird. I recently dreamed that my late grandmother and her sister (also deceased), were showing me how to apply pressure to a place on my foot. I believe these women were contacting me from the great beyond to help me fix my physical problems. There are more things in Heaven and Earth…

So I put a wrap on my ankle, and OMG, my life changed! My leg weakness and muscle spasms are gone. I even feel taller. I’m going to go to a foot and ankle doctor to see what he can do for me. My ankles are very week and prone to twisting, maybe he can help me make them stronger.

I think I will dance well again, and soon!


I think I’m moving in the direction of my destiny. I think that all of my dreams will come true. I’m feeling good about my day job. I have cast aside most of the bitterness I’ve been harboring for the last three years or so. Life is good.

A Plan for This Week

I’ve got a plan for this week. I’m trying to make the muscle spasms in my legs stop by increasing my exercise time, and adding a magnesium supplement. If things don’t improve I’ll have to go to the doctor and see if she wants to test me for MS. I’m really scared that I might have MS. If I do, I could handle it, but I want to be able to dance the way I used to.

I’ve been religiously doing physical therapy exercises that I’ve found on the Internet, and it is making a difference. I really do believe that I probably don’t have MS. I don’t want to have to get an MRI of my brain to prove it though.

Here’s this week’s plan (all of these are for every day unless otherwise noted):

1) 30 minutes on the treadmill
2) PT exercises
3) Practice DDBD Gen Con choreography
4) Use the Ab Glider 3 times this week (if the thing gets assembled)
5) Stay hydrated
6) Take magnesium supplement
7) Eat fruits and veggies
8) Manage stress with deep breathing and positive thinking

I feel like I’m broken; I want to be fixed.

The RDA of magnesium for females over 31 is 320 mg/day. Here’s some more info from WebMD.



I have a lot to do at work, and not enough time to do it in. I guess it’s better to have something to do than nothing to do.

This is just a report, for my records. I don’t have anything profound to say.

When I was a kid I used to walk on the balls of my feet a lot. As a result, my calf muscles were quite developed. Now my calves are weak so I decided to start walking that way as much as possible.

I’m also strenthing my psoas muscles (especially the left side). I’ve been putting together a “Learning” board on Learnist called Do-it-Yourself Physical Therapy. I did this because I’m not thrilled with the exercise sheet the chiropractor gave me.

So I’m on Learnist, Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagrram,Tumplr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Whims, Pearltrees, Scoopit, and probably 10 others that I can’t think of at the moment. I joined a new one today and I already forget what it’s called. I am contributing to the world’s information overload.

One of these days I will start vlogging or podcasting.

I was a day ahead all week. I thought Tuesday was Wednesday, etc. Now I’m sure it’s Friday oops, now it’s Saturday. Maybe next week I can stay on track.

I’m performing with DDBD at 3:00 today at Arts Fair on the Square. If you’re in Bloomington or nearby, you should stop and check
out all the cool art available for purchase. It’s also Taste of Bloomington day. I’ve never done taste of Bloomington because it’s not free. I hear good things about it though. We have lots of good restaurants here.

Here’s something I drew that makes me think of a bird in a Film Noir movie who has been slipped a Mickey by some leggy dame.


Daily Prompt: Shape up or Ship Out

Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

I had trouble thinking of a personality trait of mine that I don’t like, so I Googled the words “personality traits” and found a list of traits to choose from. The list I found went from adaptability to tolerance; I decided that defensiveness might me by thing. Instead of writing a letter, I  decided to write a short play.

Me: Hey defensiveness.

Defensiveness: What do you want? What are you accusing me of this  time?

Me: Nothing. I just wanted to have a little talk.

Defensiveness: Okay, but don’t blame me if you’re not satisfied with  the conversation.

Me: (Sigh) No pressure. Let’s just talk.

Defensiveness: (shifting uncomfortably in his seat)

Me: Look, I know you’re there to try and protect me from harm and heartbreak, but sometimes you just make me look foolish.

Defensiveness: How am I supposed to know when you look foolish? I’m just a personality trait. I was abused as a child.

Me: You were not abused! I’m not sure you were ever a child. Anyway, I’m just asking you to tone it down a bit. Sometimes when I’m in the wrong, I need to own up to it. I need to be a big girl.

Defensiveness: But you’re never wrong. You’re you. You’re awesome!

Me: Thanks dude,  that’s nice of you to say, but I’m human. Besides, learning from our failures makes us better people.

Defensiveness: Ugh, I hate when people say that. It makes my existence seem so meaningless.

Me: No, don’t say that. You are valuable. You are needed.

Defensiveness: (sarcastically) Sure I am.

Me: Seriously, you are! You’re the guy who defends me when I’m in the right. You come up with all the facts that prove my case. You’re like Perry Mason. When you’re arguing my case (and I’m right), someone in the courtroom jumps up and confesses.

Defensiveness: Really? That’s kind of you to say. Maybe I could  try harder to not jump to your defense at inappropriate times.

Me:  Thank you so much Defensiveness. I’ll be sure to call on you when I need you. Maybe you should  take some time off, take a cruise or something.

Defensiveness: I don’t know about a cruise. You know, I always did want to take a trip around the country and visit unusual museums.

Me: Sounds good, bring me back a souvenir would ya?

Defensiveness: Will do boss. Later tater.

Me: Bye!


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