First Visit to a Chiropractor

I had my first experience with a chiropractor yesterday. I filled out the new patient information form and was happy to see that I didn’t have to answer ‘yes’ to most of the ailments in the “Do you have…?” list. That made me feel good about myself. I was, however, nervous. Doctor visits make me uneasy. I think I’m afraid that they’ll find something wrong with me that I would have been better off not knowing about. That attitude is silly I know. If the doctor catches something early, your life could be saved.

Dr. Jordan is a pleasant woman, probably in her late 40s or early 50s. She asked me about the things I put down on the form. I told her which cancers had effected my parents. We went down the hall to the x-ray room and took pictures of my spine. There’s no need to describe every moment of the appoint so I’ll skip to the highlights.

We looked at my x-rays, and she said I looked quite good. When I first saw them I thought “Oh, no! Whats that big spot by my waist?” I soon figured out it was the button of my jeans, and not a tumor or bulging disc.

Here’s the strange stuff that I didn’t expect. I laid down on the table which was next to a wooden cabinet that held various bottles of vitamins. Dr. Jordan proceeded to pick up a bottle, remove a pill, place it on my abdomen, think for a moment, make a comment, and then repeat the same process with another pill. She then did something similar with a magnet. I asked what the magnet was for. I don’t remember exactly what she said. She put something near where she said my adrenal gland is and concluded that there was a problem there. The gland was backed up, or something to that effect. She had me hold out an arm and not let her push it down, to test my strength during this vitamin touching process.

So I’m thinking, “What manner of quackery is this?” Later, when I got to my computer, I Googled the phrase “Chiropractor touches vitamins to your body,” and found out that this is something that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. That made me feel better because I believe the Chinesee know everything. They invented a bunch of stuff didn’t they?

So I told her about the tightness in my back and abdominal muscles that control lateral flexion. She felt them and agreed they were very tight. She thought ultrasound therapy for the area would help.It did! They only did the ultrasound on the left side, so now the side that used to be the better side (the right) feels like the worse side. I’m going back on Monday and Tuesday.

It feels good to be finally doing something about my physical problems.

I will mention that I looked into the idea of having problems with the adrenal gland. Dr. Jordan gave me a sheet that listed some of the symptoms of having adrenal problems, and some of it fits, so I don’t want to discount it.

On the other hand, there is something called adrenal fatigue that a lot of alternative health care practitioners are talking about. Adrenal fatigue is not recognized as an actual medical condition by the AMA, so I’m skeptical.

I think seeing a chiropractor will be a good thing for me. I so want to stop being broken. More soon…


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