I recently accomplished some things. These things are not a big deal at all. They are ordinary for the most part, but I got got them done and out of the way. Now I feel like I can conquer the world!

I don’t have a lot of time to write this evening, so I’ll put this in list format.

1)  I finally finished a post in, “Look What I Found!”, my blog dedicated to content curation. I made this post into such a big project that I just couldn’t find time to finish it. I was able to get it done by allowing it to be fairly short, and not so in-depth. Now I can move on to other ideas. 

2)  I picked out and bought two pairs of glasses. I had been putting that off for months.

3)  I ordered a new iPad holder to replace my broken one. I also ordered a new wireless keyboard, as the one I have went bad.

4)  I ordered an Ab Glider. The chiropractor says that using it will fix my back and neck issues. Now I’ve got to find a place to put it.

5) At work today, I finally made some progress on a screencast that I just haven’t had time to touch. I almost finished it, but Captivate went wonky on me.

6) I ordered some Birkenstock sandals. The Walmart sandals that I have do not sufficiently support my arches. I’m excited for them to arrive!

Those are my accomplishments.

Hey, I even wrote this post. I’m feeling pretty good about myself! I think I deserve a glass of Merlot.

Glass of Merlot on tray table
Glass of Merlot

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