A slight reconfiguration of my digital life

Here’s the deal. I’ve decided to shut down my “Look What I Found” blog. The blog was supposed to be about my journey into content curation, but it takes a lot of work to really curate properly.

I don’t have that kind of time, so I’ve got a new plan. I will use Learnist  to satisfy my curation penchant. With Learnist, I can gather and organize content without having to worry too much about adding my own extensive commentary.

As for the content in this blog-I’ll use this as a digital scrapbook of sorts. If something interests me, I’ll write about it here. I’ll also  repost the content from “Look What I Found” until I run out of posts to repost.

Gotta keep reminding myself that when all is said and done, this blog is for me.  If anyone else reads it, well, that ‘s just a bonus.


Storytelling-It’s All the Rage

(Repost from June 16, 2013 on “Look What I Found”)

Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon – By: Jonathan Gottschall

Why storytelling is the ultimate weapon title and image from video.

Jonathan Gottschall is the author of The Storytelling Animal. He says that there is science behind the notion that storytelling is the best way to communicate a message. In this article Gottschall talks about Peter Gruber’s book,  Tell to Win. There’s a short animated video with  the article as well.

Should we be suspicious of stories? on Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds


Reynolds asks if we should be suspicious of stories because of their incredible power to persuade. He links to a Tedx talk by Tyler Cowen, and offers his opinions on what Cowen has  to say about storytelling.

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains by Leo Widrich on Lifehacker.com

Diagram of emotions and parts of the brain

Leo Widrich is the co-founder of Buffer. When he began to market his product through stories, sign-ups increased dramatically. In  this article, he talks about the brain science behind why storytelling works so well, and he gives some practical storytelling tips.

5 Stories Every Entrepreneur Should Be Able To Tell  by Leah Busque

Page in typewriter

Lea Busque is the Founder and CEO, TaskRabbit, Inc. Some of the stories she believes you should tell include the story of  your company’s origin, and the story of your vision for the company’s future.  She also suggests telling a story about a failure you’ve had, and how you learned from it. This one is a nice quick read.

The Moth and  Risk!

The Moth Podcast risk

These podcasts feature storytelling performances. Risk! is a bit edgy.  A lot of the stories are about sex, drugs, and other not so family friendly topics, so parental discretion is advised. The Moth is tamer, and perhaps geared more for the over 40 crowd than Risk!  These shows are an  entertaining window into the intimate moments of other people’s lives.

Go to my “The Idea of Storytelling” Pearltree to find more resources for this topic.

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