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I’ve got an idea for a movie. Well, I don’t actually know what the movie would be about, but I do know who the characters will be. I envision a major motion picture featuring my favorite characters from tv commercials. Here’s the rundown:

Flo from Progressive


The redhead from the Wendy’s commercials-I call her Faux Wendy.


The guy who talks to the children in the AT&T commercials


Dennis Haysbert-the Allstate guy


I don’t know what the situation would be. Maybe they would fight crime. Of course they would fight crime; what else is there to do in a movie?

This wouldn’t be a good movie. I’m the only person in the world who could possibly like it, and I really don’t think I would like it. Nevertheless, I will dream about this movie until they stop airing these commercials, and I’ve moved on to other characters.

By the way, I was thinking of including the Geico gecko, but I decided not to. I probably couldn’t afford to pay him.


2 thoughts on “Movie Idea

  1. The movie is called The Hollywood Job, and the mystery is which one of them will fond a gig in 2015. My bet is on Allstate, he was Cerrano in Major League and President Palmer on 24.

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