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This is a piece that was originally posted in my soon-to-be retired “Look What I Found” blog. Learn more about why I’m doing these re-posts from this post.

Artful Blogs

There is a magazine published by Stampington & Company called Artful Blogging. I pick it up at Barnes and Noble from time to time when I’m looking for inspiration. Artful Blogging features the blogs of visual artists and crafters who share their work and their lives via online journals.

Some issues of Artful Blogging
Some issues of Artful Blogging

It’s interesting to learn what made these artists start blogging in the first place, and how the act of blogging, for some, has been life altering.

I’ve picked some of my favorites to share here on ‘Look What I Found!’


1) Sweet Bestiary

Sweet Bestiary (http://www.sweetbestiary.com/) is the product of a blogger from Argentina who describes herself as an ex- archivist, teacher, and journalist, and a current maker of sweet beasts.

View Flor Panichelli’s work in her gallery on Flickr.


2) Homegrown Hospitality

Jennifer Ackerman hosts the Homegrown Hospitality(http://www.homegrownhospitality.typepad.com/) blog. Jennifer teaches classes as a member of the Prima Education Team, she designs rubber stamps for Purple Onion Designs, and Dies & Embossing Folders for Sizzix.

Featured Post: Hello Summer 2013 Stephanie invites you to document the summer with her in journal/scrapbook format.


3) Dispatch from LA

Mary Ann Moss describes her blog, Dispatch from LA (http://www.dispatchfromla.com/dispatch_from_la/about.html), as “the dog-eared notebook I carry with me through the world,” saying it is where she records the stories she collects as she “bounces along through life.”

Featured Post: sketchwars week no. 21 This one is a glimpse into the artist’s process as she sketches with a tool she doesn’t usually use to make sketches.


4) the adventures of bluegirlx0

Julie Collings who says she is “an artist with a house full of kids and their beautiful messes,” authors the adventures of bluegirlxo (http://theadventuresofbluegirlxo.blogspot.com/). She displays the pretty things she makes on her blog.

Trees in Box from the adventures of blugirl xo blog
Trees in Box

Featured Post: a little nesting… This posts features some very pretty things that look perfect for Easter.


These were just some of the artful blogs that I’ve come across via the Artful Blogging magazine. There are many more out there. I’ve gathered some of them in a Pearltree, and I’ll continue to add to the collection when I come across something cool and share-able. If you’re a blogger who is visually inclined, you’ll be sure to find inspiration from these blogs.

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