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Something’s gotta be done

We have three bedrooms. Ernie and I sleep in one of them. One belongs to the cats. The other, I call the treadmill room. The treadmill room is causing problems for me because I use its closet for my clothes and shoes. They tend to spill out, especially at laundry time. I also have two chest of drawers in the room. One is for clothes, the other for art/craft supplies. One drawer is dedicated to chords and charges for electronic devices that I apparently don’t use anymore. When I packed my costumes for Gen Con, the room became a disaster. I’m still unpacking and I still have a disaster. I didn’t mention the abĀ Glider. It’s in there too.

I’ve got to do something about this room. My only thought is to replace the craft supply chest of drawers with a shelf unit that would hold more items. I hope to get at it this weekend. I’ll gather up items to put in our neighbor’s garage sale (we give him 33% of the money we make on our items that his nice enough to place in his numerous sales). I just can’t handle the state of this room anymore.

Here’s some pictures that I’ll call “before shots.” I hope to one day feature the “afters.”

Treadmill room 1

Treadmill room 2

Closet stuffed to the gills.

Ooozing out of closet.

Robot with glowing eyes sits atop dresser.

Can Pericles make everything neat and tidy with his robot laser vision?

I just don’t know about this dancing business

I have this on-again, off-again relationship with dance. Sometimes I love dancing. Sometimes I find dancing to be fun. Sometimes I think it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world to do. The act of standing in front of people and moving my body in certain ways just seems ridiculous. Did I mention that I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in dance? Ridiculous!

I do more belly dancing than modern dancing these days. My troupe, Different Drummer Belly Dancers does tribal fusion belly dance. I’ve found that dancing with the troupe actually feels fun to me.

I do dance as a solo act. I’ve been struggling with finding my own style. I want to be able to fuse modern dance with belly dance in way that is original and expressive, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I think I would have an easier time if my belly dancing skills were better. When it comes down to it, I’m more of a performance artist than a dancer.

Our big gig at the Fourth Street Arts Festival is coming up and I can’t decide if I want to solo or not. At the moment I don’t think that I have anything to express. I’m concerned that every solo I do is just a rehash of the same old moves. I don’t’ know that I have anything to give to an audience. I can’t even decide on a song. Should I improvise on the spot, or choreograph in advance?

I’m managing to make this stressful and not fun. I would love to create a performance art piece, but I don’t think I have time to come up with something clever enough to hold it’s own at this event.

This is what comes of being a dabbler. I do a lot of things relatively well, but I don’t a speciality.

I just don’t know.

My plan to get out of this dancing funk is to find a song and choreograph a solo specifically using moves that are not in my normal comfort zone. I’ll force my self to grow! That sounds like fun doesn’t it?


Words or line or color

I just read this. It made me wish I were a better writer.

Let’s think for a moment about that statement. When I say I want to be a better writer, what do I mean? Do I want to be better than the guy who wrote this?
Of course not. He's trying hard. He wants to succeed. I don't want to step on any toes. I'm not likely to do so if I keep using cliches like that.

Using this language of mine to convey meaning
I try and use language to convey meaning
I give meaning to myself when I use this tool called language.

I know it isn't possible, but I'd like stay quiet. I'd like to stop using words for an entire day–no speaking or thinking in words.

To communicate with colors and lines, sounds and movements, to be only energy_________


5 things from today

1. I slept late this morning because I don’t feel so well after coming home from Gen Con.

2. I bought coffee from the cafe at work because I was too lazy make an extra trek from my desk to the kitchenette to use the Keurig.

3. I got fitted for a scleral content lens today. There may be hope for my freaky keratoconic right eye after all.

4. I listened to V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton in the car today. I’ll be sad when the book is over.

5. We went to Walmart to pick up photos from a mystery roll of film that Ernie dropped off last week. He opened the envelope and had no idea who any of the people in the pictures were. We might as well have thrown our $9.96 out the window as we drove down Curry Pike.

Bonus thing from today

6. I found my Q.


A Big Deal

There are some people who seem to think that everything is a big deal.
They go on and on about things that from my perspective, aren’t at all important.

The fact is that these people usually tell a good story. Someone with whom I spent a lot of time this weekend exemplifies this point.

She would start talking about a past event and I would think, ‘oh boy here comes another one.’ But as I listened, I realized that her animated facial expressions and exaggerated gestures
were pulling me in. I was transported to the world where the ‘big deal’ thing happened. I could admit that it probably was a big deal after all.

So this post started out as a complaint about people who I believed were just talking too much. Now it’s about me appreciating having other people around to listen to.

The moral: Get out of your cranky mood before you sit down to write.

Here’s a real big deal from my time at Gen Con.


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