A Strange Alphabet or Nonsensical Thursday

I was going to try the writing exercise where your first sentence starts with the letter “A,” and then the next starts with “B,” etc. I started and stopped, because what I was writing seemed stupid. And then this happened. Maybe I’ll be able to do something with some of this nonsense.

After a few drinks, I get a little sleepy.
Believe what I say in these drunken times,                                                                                                             because I speak the truth.

Do you ever feel proud of yourself one day and then ashamed the next?

Colors are brighter at first but they soon merge into gray.
Don't melt your crayons together to make this happen.

I have been feeling ambitious these days. I continued to fill out my grad school application. I want to be recognized as a someone not a no-one.

Elephants are gray, but they remember everything.
Forgetting is sometimes the best thing you can do.

I overslept this morning because I didn’t set my alarm. Sometimes I think that I just don’t care. But then I get up and I do care. I try as I can.

Great writers start writing when the sun comes up;                                                                                                     faeries make coffee when they start to falter.
Holding onto sanity is a writer's chief objective.

My trying comes in fits and starts. My mind is…

Islands are surrounded by water.
Jokes are contrived by the insecure.

My mind is trapped in my body, and my body is what I know to be me.

Killing time might be considered sinful.
Love is good when you can see it.

This is the first day of August. I can’t believe the summer is closing so rapidly. I can’t take another winter, but I’ve said the same thing before.

Melodies speak to us.
Never stop listening.

When this is over, I will make a visual thing to show.

Over and over she repeats and repeats.
Pain, it seems, is no deterrent.

This has gone on long enough.

Questions are actually answers aren't they?

This thing must end soon.

Right and wrong sometimes live in the same space.

I’ve had my fun and now it’s time…

So sorry that this was what it was.
Tomorrow will be slightly different.
Understand that I just wanted to write something.

I really didn’t feel like writing, but here is something I have written.

Vacations are for the rich, and vacation starts with a V.
Why couldn't I have tried harder?
Xenial's definition is something to do with hospitality.

I’m glad this is over.

You should agree with this next one.
Zebras are kind of like striped horses.
A Zebra’s butt

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