Lots to Do

I’ve got a lot to do before Gen Con.

Today I went to work, left to go try a new contact lens for my right eye which I hope will allow me to go without glasses during the performances. So far so good on that front.

I got my costumes organized last night for steampunk day and medieval/fantasy day. I realized, in the process, that I don’t have a suitcase big enough to carry costumes, make-up, regular clothes, various toiletries, and snacks. So I decide to go to Target to buy a big suitcase.
On the way, I have to stop at CVS to get a back-up pair of Fast Flats.. On the way there I got pulled over by a cop. I couldn’t imagine what I had done. It turned out to be just a warning about only having one break light. I told him my husband will take care of it tonight. He will.

CVS had the shoes. Target’s suitcase selection was minimal and expensive so I got a few toiletry and make-up supplies and decided to try Kmart. Kmart had a suitable suitcase, and a top that I might try for my steampunk ensemble.

Lots of missions were accomplished today, but I still have to pack. I’m not looking forward to that.

Back to the break lights. When I talked to Ernie on the phone at lunch today, he told me that he just wanted to come home and rest. I think I gave him my virus. Now he has to deal with my break lights, because that’s what he does. I’m grateful that I have him to take care of me. In our family, I handle the technology stuff (like checking bank balances online, contacting eBay sellers with questions about their merchandise, and the like). He is in charge of car stuff and other traditional husbandy things. It works for me.

I saw this painted whatever on the way home. They have these things all over Bloomington and I’d like to get a photo of all of them (they’re all different). I can’t get a great shot from the car, but that’s all I can do for now.


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