A Big Deal

There are some people who seem to think that everything is a big deal.
They go on and on about things that from my perspective, aren’t at all important.

The fact is that these people usually tell a good story. Someone with whom I spent a lot of time this weekend exemplifies this point.

She would start talking about a past event and I would think, ‘oh boy here comes another one.’ But as I listened, I realized that her animated facial expressions and exaggerated gestures
were pulling me in. I was transported to the world where the ‘big deal’ thing happened. I could admit that it probably was a big deal after all.

So this post started out as a complaint about people who I believed were just talking too much. Now it’s about me appreciating having other people around to listen to.

The moral: Get out of your cranky mood before you sit down to write.

Here’s a real big deal from my time at Gen Con.



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