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5 things from today

1. I slept late this morning because I don’t feel so well after coming home from Gen Con.

2. I bought coffee from the cafe at work because I was too lazy make an extra trek from my desk to the kitchenette to use the Keurig.

3. I got fitted for a scleral content lens today. There may be hope for my freaky keratoconic right eye after all.

4. I listened to V is for Vengeance by Sue Grafton in the car today. I’ll be sad when the book is over.

5. We went to Walmart to pick up photos from a mystery roll of film that Ernie dropped off last week. He opened the envelope and had no idea who any of the people in the pictures were. We might as well have thrown our $9.96 out the window as we drove down Curry Pike.

Bonus thing from today

6. I found my Q.



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