Something’s gotta be done

We have three bedrooms. Ernie and I sleep in one of them. One belongs to the cats. The other, I call the treadmill room. The treadmill room is causing problems for me because I use its closet for my clothes and shoes. They tend to spill out, especially at laundry time. I also have two chest of drawers in the room. One is for clothes, the other for art/craft supplies. One drawer is dedicated to chords and charges for electronic devices that I apparently don’t use anymore. When I packed my costumes for Gen Con, the room became a disaster. I’m still unpacking and I still have a disaster. I didn’t mention the ab Glider. It’s in there too.

I’ve got to do something about this room. My only thought is to replace the craft supply chest of drawers with a shelf unit that would hold more items. I hope to get at it this weekend. I’ll gather up items to put in our neighbor’s garage sale (we give him 33% of the money we make on our items that his nice enough to place in his numerous sales). I just can’t handle the state of this room anymore.

Here’s some pictures that I’ll call “before shots.” I hope to one day feature the “afters.”

Treadmill room 1

Treadmill room 2

Closet stuffed to the gills.

Ooozing out of closet.

Robot with glowing eyes sits atop dresser.
Can Pericles make everything neat and tidy with his robot laser vision?

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