Grey day

I woke up to overcast skies this morning. The sun is still hiding from me. I think the sun came out yesterday, but I slept for most of the day. I feel guilty when I waste weekend days by getting up at noon and then taking an extended nap at 2:00. I’m only cheating myself […]

Mini meltdown before going down that path

I’ve mentioned here before that I need a degree that is not a dance degree so I can get a full-time job as something other than a clerical worker.  I have begun filling out the application for the Masters program in Instructional Systems Technology at IU.  I am registered to take the GRE in December. […]

What’s important?

When I opened up the WordPress iPad app and started this post, the title that came to mind was “What’s important?” I’m not sure why that came to me. Maybe it was my unconscious mind wanting an answer to that question. Side-note: I’ve always been confused by the words unconscious and subconscious. Apparently they are […]

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