Translucent Daisy

This morning I have decided to open a Word document and start typing. I look at the words on the screen and feel that there is some kind of magic here. Then I start thinking about what to write. I could write about magic and what I think magic is. I could, but I won’t, because that would be too challenging.

I wrote something yesterday that might have been a poem. It was structured like a poem, and it had that rhythm that my poetry usually carries.

I’m at a medical facility this morning—my husband is having a minor surgery.

Sidebar: I need to look into the use hyphens, em dashes, and other such devices.

Anyway, there was a watercolor (or so I thought), on the wall in the room where they prepped him for the surgery. It was of flowers. I can’t remember what kind of flowers, I think maybe daffodils, something purple (lilies?), and daisies. I recognized the picture as a watercolor upon seeing it from the chair I was sitting in, about four feet away. When I went to view it up-close, it looked like a photograph. Everything looked real and quite crisp. The daisies in the picture seemed to be hiding in the background, peeking out from behind the bigger, bolder flowers. One daisy was translucent. It looked as if it might have been a top layer in a Photoshop image with its opacity set to 60 or 70 percent.

That got me thinking about working on my digital art skills. I could master Photoshop to create the kind of art that I want to create. Hey, a realistic goal! I can make art without having good drawing skills! I would still like to improve my drawing acumen.

But wait! I looked up the artist (Randall Shedd), to find out more about him. Turns out he does photography. That picture was a photograph. Learn more about him here if you’re interested.

Now I could talk about the annoying guy who also had a procedure done here today. He was in his 20s, loud, and seemed to need to be the center of attention. I could talk about his girlfriend and their sometimes loud baby. I won’t talk about those things. This post is long enough.

I was inspired, so I opened Photoshop and did this:

Digital painting land and sky.

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