Grey day

I woke up to overcast skies this morning. The sun is still hiding from me. I think the sun came out yesterday, but I slept for most of the day. I feel guilty when I waste weekend days by getting up at noon and then taking an extended nap at 2:00. I’m only cheating myself when I do that.

This is just the beginning of the greyness. This is the start of fall. This is when the sun doesn’t shine as much as I need it to, and cooler days begin to outnumber warmer ones.

I don’t like this time of year, and I make it worse on myself by actively not liking it. Why can’t I just celebrate the changes that autumn brings like so many poets and artists are wont to do.

Summer is gone, and all I want to do is wait and wait for spring. I want to skip the rain-soaked, rotting leaves. I want to be jacketless, short-sleeved, barefoot. I would be happy with 100 degrees, and blinding sun, and melting asphalt streets.

But this is what I have, and this is where I am. I’m in Indiana, not Southern California. I should be somewhere else.

Maybe life would look better if I didn’t waste my days. Or, what if I let go of the notion that a day can be wasted?

There’s probably some profound metaphor here that I’m just not seeing. Something about change, and light, and sleeping the day away like the trees. Yes, the trees are sleeping.

The problem is that I’m not a tree.


2 thoughts on “Grey day

  1. The fall is my favorite time of year. It is the time when God paints the trees and makes them colorful. It is the time when you can stroll in the gentle breeze that reminds us that winter is coming. It reminds us that we are alive and just as we grow older and change so does the world around us. If there were no fall, there would be no winter when one sits in pajamas and can cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of something to drink and a reason to relax. Then God reminds us that he is in control. Just as our lives go through seasons they too can be renewed born again just like the earth in the spring and full of the beauty that we see in summer. The fall is a time to hold hands with your loved one stroll through the leaves and remember the past year and the years that have gone by. I know some people do not like fall but I guess you can see I do. Don’t be grey, smile God is doing his thing.

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