Not Robby Benson

Ernie and I were at Walmart tonight. We were walking down the main aisle in the grocery section and we saw this guy. He had long dark hair with a little grey at the temples. He   wore an over-sized t-shirt with cut off sleeves, and baggy blue jeans. He was lean, muscular, and a little bit exotic looking.

After we passed him, Ernie asked me if I thought that was Robby Benson.

Robby Benson - Photo: Courtesy of Indiana University
Robby Benson: Courtesy of Indiana University

Okay, you might be wondering why Ernie would expect to see Robby Benson, the actor, in Walmart in Bloomington. I’ll tell you why. Robby Benson is teaching at IU this semester. Read more about that here. It is in fact plausible that he might take a trip to Walmart.

I didn’t think it was him. To me, Benson’s face is a gentle one. This guy’s face seemed too angular, too gaunt. We turned around so as to have another look. Ernie said the guy’s eyes were an intense blue like Benson’s. I was afraid it might be Robby Benson, so I was apprehensive to walk past and gawk. Celebrities make me nervous.

As we approached him, I got brave and  took a look. I was sure this wasn’t Robby Benson. Ernie agreed, but thought that if Robby Benson had a brother, this is what he would look like.

Ernie suggested it would have been funny if he had convinced me to go up to the guy and ask for an autograph. I can’t help thinking that if I had, he would have asked me if I wanted to buy some meth.

5 thoughts on “Not Robby Benson

    1. Hi Robby Benson,

      OMG! Are you serious?
      I thought, this guy is hot, but that’s not Robby Benson.
      And I said you might sell me some meth! I’m a dork! I’m soooo sorry about that!

      You seem like a really nice guy. I bought your book!

      So, wow!

      Thanks for reading my silly post!

      My husband Ernie is a huge fan. He can’t believe he saw you and didn’t talk to you.
      He bought an 8×10 of you on eBay and plans to try and get an autograph. How can he do that?

      Have a great day,

      Laura Reed

  1. I believe you saw Robby, but NOT at Walmart. He and his wife Karla are warm, approachable folks with a strong social conscience, so they would have been shopping at a different chain store.

  2. Oh man, if I’d run into Robby Benson anywhere, I would be very likely to say “oh god will you stay put I have a 20 year old coffee mug for you to sign”, run home, and grab my very old and well loved Beauty and the Beast coffee mug for him to sign. And then I would never use it again. XD Oh man. I am so jealous.

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