A Piece of Prose

Across the Parking Lot

 Every day that week she made the short trip across the parking lot, and into the neighboring building, just to see him. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t always solely to see him. On Monday, it was to pick up a package at the dock. She had to do that often and usually used it as an excuse to see him. On Tuesday, she delivered some papers to the Human Resources lady. Those papers weren’t urgent. She could have put them in the mail but she walked them over as an excuse to see him. Wednesday was the day of the boring meeting that she attended every week. She would turn right instead of left after exiting the meeting room so she could see him. She needed to pick up some folders in the other building on Thursday. They had the wrong folders, she took them anyway and then sauntered over to his side of the building. On Friday, there were more important papers for the Human Resources lady that could again have been sent in the mail, but she strolled over to see him.

She got a lot of exercise that week. But she never saw him.

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