Dear GRE

Dear Gre,

You’re making me nervous. You are stressing me out.
I admit that I haven’t been preparing in earnest. I don’t have a lot of time.
You’re probably thinking that I could make time. I could watch less TV, and not play Angry Birds quite as much.
Well, I can’t argue with you there.

I have started preparing-a little. I downloaded a vocabulary for the GRE audiobook.
The B’s just started. The book is kind of hard to listen to. The narrator says a word, spells it, gives the definition, and uses it in a sentence or two. I know a lot of these words already, so I’m not sure if this is a good use of my time.

What I’m really scared of is the quantitative reasoning part of you. Math makes me nervous. It makes me panicky. I’ve seen sample questions, and I find them strangely worded. On some of them, even if I sort-of understand the math, the question itself confuses me.
GRE, could you make the math part easier for me when I take you? Are you able to do that? I know you’re not.

I bet you think I should prepare as much as I can, take you in December, and then take you again in the summer if my scores aren’t good enough. I’ll get into grad school eventually. You’re thinking I should not get so stressed out because I’m only making it harder on myself.

That makes so much sense! Thanks for your advice GRE. You know, I probably could have figured that out for myself.

See you in December,


Falling down the math hole

1 thought on “Dear GRE

  1. It is most aggravating that so many of us grew up with math anxiety. I like the way my daughter was taught in Montessori school–with beads and blocks and things. Making it clear that math is fundamentally about, well, spatial relationships, sort of. And as a dancer, you’re good at spatial relationships…

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