Summer Reading

I remember the books I read during  the summers between college semesters.  I read a lot of Robert Heilnlein. I read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  series.   I was depressed during those  summers because I liked being at school better than being at  home. I felt purposeless at home.  Now I associate reading science  fiction with unhappiness.  I’m not the reader that I used to be.



5 comments on “Summer Reading”
  1. Peggy Squires says:

    Is there any kind of reading you associate with happiness?

    The graphic is great. Maybe if you’re doing less reading and more art, it’s a good balance! How did you get the textured look?

    1. lauramccain says:

      Just playing around with Photoshop. Children’s books make me happy. Encyclopedia Brown is a series I loved as a child.

  2. what a pity you associate reading with being unhappy !!! reading can give you so much happyness !! but so can creating art ofcourse !

    1. lauramccain says:

      That is true. I can get past it though.

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