Sick kitty

I noticed yesterday morning that Pericles wasn’t feeling well. He was meowing loudly and strangely. He’s not much of a talker, so his noise-making was cause for concern. I considered taking him to the vet right away, but decided to wait and see if he was any better when I got home. He was not better, so we went to the vet this morning.

When the doctor examined him, he know in seconds what was wrong. Pericles has a blockage in his bladder. This is causing toxins to build up in his system and make him feel awful. They’re going to keep him overnight and clear the blockage. They’ll call me if anything goes wrong with the procedure. The doctor said that if I don’t hear from him, it’s good news. He also instructed me to buy a urinary tract care type of cat food. He said that OJ can eat the new food as well.

So I wish I had taken him in yesterday.  It would have alleviated his suffering sooner. He was sick like this a few years ago, and I waited too many days to have him checked out. He ended up having an $800 hospital stay. The problem that time was a different one however.

The doctor asked me if we’d noticed Pericles squatting and straining, and I said we hadn’t because he’s never in the same room with us (because he’s scared of Sadie). I need to spend more time with him. He’s my miracle kitty after all.

Pericles in his pet porter at the vet's office.
Pericles on the table at Arlington Heights Veterinary.

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