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Talking small

I would like to stop talking to people about the weather. At this point, it’s just dumb.

I see someone in the hall and inform them that it’s cold. They know it’s cold. Everyone knows it’s cold.

I like to tell people that I’m wearing two pairs of pants, and that wearing two pairs of pants is the key to staying warm.  Maybe the title of my autobiography will be “Two Pairs of Pants and a Dream.”

I tell people about my dog, Annie, who lays in the snow because she’s part husky and part malamute. People find this amusing.

I think that I should either find other things to say to people, or just smile quietly.

One winter, a few years ago, I decided to keep saying “I love winter!” over and over in the hope that saying it would make it true. That did not work. Now I complain. I’m also in the habit of telling people that I know I shouldn’t complain about things that I can’t change.  People tend to agree with that idea.

I talk to people who don’t seem to mind the cold, and I say to them, “you’re one of those people who like winter aren’t you?’ I call them freaks or weirdos if I know them well enough.

In the meantime, I try to remember to be grateful for my warm house, and my warm car, and hot water. I take long, hot showers just to warm up. I waste water, but it feels so good.

So what I’ve done here is write a post about talking too much about the weather. I am still, in fact, talking too much about the weather by the very act of writing this post.

I’m wearing two pairs of pants!

Snow and trees

I don’t like this!

My own terms

I’m two three days behind on Zero  to Hero, but I’m not going to beat myself up. In fact, I’ve decided to do the rest of them on my own time, or maybe not at all.

Instead of doing  Monday’s, Tuesday’s,  and today’s assignments, I made something with an image from the Flickr Commons.

Description/Notes: Photos were used in the 1908

Half-grown Barn Owls from OSU Special Collections & Archives. Description/Notes: Photos were used in the 1908 “American Birds” book by William Lovell Finley. The photo is found opposite page 88.


one version


another version of owls

another version

third version of owls

third version

A day behind

I was too pooped to bother with this one yesterday.


The task: visit five other participants in the event your chose on Day 22. Leave at least two comments.

I tried to comment on a photo of a lovely cat on blogagaini, but there were technical difficulties. I  complimented a pretty close up shot of a dandelion in its seed stage on Something to Ponder About, and I gave a “like” to the photo of a strange skeleton in a blue veil on AngelineM’s Blog.

Moving on to Day 25.


The task: Browse the blogs you follow and note a custom touch you love. Tell the blogger you love it, and interpret it for your own blog.

For this one, I took the suggestion of looking at a blog called With the Grains, and noting the drawings the blogger uses to represent her social media presence. I like them a lot, and left a comment to that effect. I’m glad I found this blog, because it’s about baking (a topic that interests me), and the design is very nice.

Here’s a sample of these great drawings.

Images from a blog called With the Grains.

Images from a blog called With the GraiI’ll consider interpreting this touch for my own blog some other time.

Valentine Roundup

Zero to Hero Day 23: Publish a Roundup

Valentine Roundup

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought I’d feature some blog posts about Valentine’s cards.

Learn how to make a button card from Girly Creation.

TBC Crafters 45 – Buttons Valentine

TBC Crafters 45 – Buttons Valentine

Learn some 3D paper crafting techniques, including making a heart garland, with this post on Mother Daughter Craft Creations.

Mother Daughter Craft Creations Easy 3-D Efffects

Mother Daughter Craft Creations Easy 3-D Efffects

Find out what you need to make a Valentine in a Box from Stampin’ Fool.

Valentine in a Box

Stampin’ Fool’s Valentine in a Box

Try these projects for yourself, or just be inspired and do your own.  Follow Card Making, and Paper Crafts to find more blogs with this type of content.

Too many blogs

Zero to Hero Day 20: Add a New Page

I considered not doing this one because I don’t think I need another page. As I don’t get many comments, I don’t need a “commenting guidelines” page.  A site index might be nice, but I don’t have time to learn how to make one. How about links to my other blogs? That’s sort of good idea. Having such a page, might encourage me to start posting to those other blogs. Time will tell.

You know you  have too many blogs when you only have time to post to one of them.

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