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I like the idea of blogging. I think it’s neat that ordinary people like me can easily publish their thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, etc., on this thing we call the Internet. As a child, I always thought I would become a writer, but I didn’t major in English. I majored in Dance instead. I don’t feel like I have the credentials to call myself a writer. It seems that these days if you want to get a job doing something, you’ll be overlooked if you don’t have a degree in that something. I could go into detail about how I like to do a lot of things, but I can’t decide which I like best, and so consequently I don’t spend enough time working to become really good at anything. I could, but I won’t.

I’ve written, in previous posts that this blog is primarily for me. I blog so I can document what goes on in my little world. I’ve  tried to make it sound like I don’t care if anyone reads my blog. That’s not true, and I know it. It feels good when a post gets a “like.” I’m disappointed when a post I’m particularly  proud of gets no likes. I crave a little attention and recognition. Don’t we all?

Why have I accepted this Zero to Hero challenge? I think I’m doing it because it helps to have some external motivation. I’m also hoping to become more known in the WordPress community. I don’t read other blogs as much as I should. I need to fix that. I’ll try to fix that.

There you have it.


Here I go!


Digital self-portrait painting
Stylized Me

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