A new look

Day Five of Zero to Hero

You’re supposed to try different themes on your blog. I have tried themes in the past and found that I only liked the ones that cost money. I’ve been satisfied with the one I’ve been using, but I decided to stick with the program and follow the instructions like I’m supposed to. I ended up liking the first one I tried. It’s called Flounder. It’s got more color than the old one, I like that it’s compact, and the default font size is good. I’m going to stick with it for a while.

Speaking of new looks, every once in a while I toy with the idea of regularly wearing makeup. I look better with makeup on and I figure maybe it would make me feel more positive and confident during the day.  But alas, this is another thing that requires getting up a little earlier in the morning. Unless I take on a whole new physiology, getting up early is not gonna happen for me. I really need to get up and do yoga. Getting up, doing yoga, and then putting on makeup? Really? I’ll do what I can do.

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