Finding more to consume

Zero to Hero Day 9. Go deeper into the community, follow 5 more blogs.

I typed in Tutorial and found Dubstep Beats:This guy teaches what I’ll call hip hop dance steps.

Under the Paper Crafts tag I found Stamping with Buffy and Crafting in Waikiki.

Under Food, I found Foodstagrams, and Depravity, Debauchery, and More showed up under Cooking.

I stumbled upon Catherine Bennet who lives in Paris and seems to post cool stuff.

So that’s the assignment taken care of.

Earlier today I thought of writing a post about the fact that there are several interchangeable bald white guys at my workplace. i’ll save that for another time.

Bald guys, food, Paris, and tags.
Bald guys, food, Paris, and tags.

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