To Knit, or not to knit

Zero to Hero Day 12: Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

This one is easy. I found a blog called Alice’s Adventures in Knittingland with a post titled A Rather Rustic Shrug {Pattern}. My comment to the blogger was that the shrug was very pretty, and it made me almost want to learn how to knit. She replied to my comment, saying that she “loved the almost.”

I wish I could knit. I’ve tried it a few times and found it relaxing. I could knit a single chain for a while, but then I kept doing something wrong, then it got frustrating and not relaxing. I once had a short lesson from a friend, but I had trouble understanding what she was doing because she was sitting across from me. I think I might have some problems with spatial perception. I find it difficult to follow instructions delivered as diagrams. I do better with video. Yes, I have tried to learn to knit from videos on the Internet, but I just never could get the hang of it. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.

I’ve been informed that this lady is crocheting, not knitting. I like the picture so I’m leaving it. I’ve also learned that you make a chain when you crochet, not when you knit. Here’s a glossary of knitting terms if you’re interested.

I think a lot of my problems stem from not trying hard enough. Lots of things come easy for me, so when something is difficult, I assume that I’m not meant to do it, and I give up. That’s something I need to work on.

All of the cool kids are knitting these days. My friend Liby was telling me about a knitting retreat she goes to. I didn’t know there was such a thing. Knitting is a nice portable hobby. You can do it anywhere. I dabble in card making, which requires a fair number of supplies, and a good surface to work on. It wouldn’t be easy to make a card while waiting for the bus (not that I ride the bus).

Besides, I gave away all of my knitting supplies. It was a symbolic gesture to say that I have closed the door on the idea of learning how to knit. Of course, I could buy more supplies, so there’s always hope.

That shrug sure was pretty though. Knitters can find the pattern info here.

Rustic Shrug

From Alice’s Knitting Wonderland.


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