Doubling up

I missed yesterday’s Zero to Hero assignment, so I’m doubling up  today. I kind of feel like I could get in trouble for not turning in my homework. Does WordPress give out demerits?


“Today’s assignment: read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.”

My heart wasn’t in this one so much. I commented on three posts, I think. I read a few more, but nothing I saw really inspired me  to comment.  The prompt, in my opinion, was kind of blah. Maybe I should challenge myself to go back to this prompt one day and do something great  with it . It might make a good jumping off point for a piece of fiction.


“Today’s assignment: Explore one or more social networks, and start an account so you can begin exploring the possibilities. If you’re already active on a social network, set up Publicize and link the account to your blog, and/or create a strategy for how you’ll use it.”

I’m all over social media. You can find out where on this page. I have a Tumblr for my digital scrapbooking pages, but I haven’t been active in that realm for some time. I’m on Instagram, Flickr, Google +, Vine. I joined Quora, but never really spent any time with it. I’m sure there are more that I’m just not  thinking of.  I think its too much. I should really cut down, but I would hate to not be in on the next big thing. I’ve yet to try Snapchat, but it’s probably just a matter of time.

I coordinate the social media presence for my department at work, so I’m often looking for articles on how to make the best use of these channels. I take most of the information with a grain of salt, because I don’t think any of the so-called experts really know what they’re talking about. I think we’re all just taking stabs in the dark and trying to keep up with the ever changing landscape of this Internet business.

So I’m a bit burned out with the Zero to Hero thing. I’m learning a lot and pushing myself to do things I don’t normally do with my blog, but I’m ready to be done with it.

I’ve got ice cream!


ice cream container

My ice cream!




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