My own terms

I’m two three days behind on Zero  to Hero, but I’m not going to beat myself up. In fact, I’ve decided to do the rest of them on my own time, or maybe not at all.

Instead of doing  Monday’s, Tuesday’s,  and today’s assignments, I made something with an image from the Flickr Commons.

Description/Notes: Photos were used in the 1908
Half-grown Barn Owls from OSU Special Collections & Archives. Description/Notes: Photos were used in the 1908 “American Birds” book by William Lovell Finley. The photo is found opposite page 88.
one version


another version of owls
another version
third version of owls
third version


10 comments on “My own terms”
  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS picture. Those are barn owls, right? One of my favorite animal species =)

    –Love and Liberation–
    Jan Smitowicz

    1. lauramccain says:

      They are very noble looking birds.

      1. Definitely!

  2. Monique says:

    Don’t stop! 2 more days! You can do this! I had too! Cmon …

    1. lauramccain says:

      I’m just starting not to care.

      1. Monique says:

        Its trying …but your so close!

  3. Peggy Squires says:

    You can do some amazing things, Laura. It looks like magic to me! I love the treatment of the branch/wood in the final version.

    1. lauramccain says:

      Simple Photoshop filters, not much skill involved.

      1. Peggy Squires says:

        Or, of course, you could take a moment to join me in affirming the magic in your eye…

  4. lauramccain says:

    I did make certain choices that effected the outcome, so I’ll take some credit. I do want to get better with Photoshop so that I can have more control. Not enough time…

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