All the signs are pointing

I applied for a job that I am almost qualified for. I did not get an interview for said job. I’m okay with that. The u(U)niverse has a plan for me.  I know I’m on the right path even though I have doubts sometime. You see, I felt positive about the job as soon as […]

A pretty good day

I can’t complain about today. It felt pretty good. Rehearsal was productive. Our two pieces for Bloomington Belly Dances are falling into place. The ankle I twisted yesterday is feeling much better.  I even got the book on making bead jewelry that I ordered from Amazon. It was delivered by USPS, on Sunday! I went to […]


I’m feeling overwhelmed lately. I’ve got so many ideas and projects swimming around in my head. It’s like my brain is an overpopulated aquarium. Too many little fish are eating the food meant for the big fish, so the bigs start feasting on the littles. This analogy can only end with rotting carcasses and a […]

I want to believe

I never watched the X Files when it originally aired. I assumed it wasn’t something I’d be interested in, which is funny because I have been a Doctor Who fan since I discovered the show in the early eighties. I started watching the X Files on Netflix last year. I finished the series a few weeks […]

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