I want to believe

I never watched the X Files when it originally aired. I assumed it wasn’t something I’d be interested in, which is funny because I have been a Doctor Who fan since I discovered the show in the early eighties.

I started watching the X Files on Netflix last year. I finished the series a few weeks ago. I love this show, and I am so sad that there are no more episodes. It really feels as if something is missing from my life. Not every episode was wonderful, but I didn’t care. I came to think of Mulder and Scully as my friends (sort of). When agents Dogget and Reyes joined the show, I grew to love them too. I just plain love this show.

Now I have to binge watch something else. The obvious choices would be Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad. I’m going to try Breaking Bad and see if it’s my thing.  In the interim I’ve started season five of Community. i need to get going on the latest season of New Girl, as well. I’ll watch all of the episodes and not jump ahead to the one with Prince.

I should be doing my reading for class instead of watching these shows. I should be reading books instead of watching these shows.

A lot of my X Files viewing was done while walking on the treadmill, so it’s actually okay.

Other things I should be doing include: making jewelry, making cards, trying out my yarn braid hair piece idea, cleaning the bathroom, mopping Dad’s kitchen floor, blogging about what I’m learning in grad school, and more…

And more drawing



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