I’m feeling overwhelmed lately. I’ve got so many ideas and projects swimming around in my head. It’s like my brain is an overpopulated aquarium. Too many little fish are eating the food meant for the big fish, so the bigs start feasting on the littles. This analogy can only end with rotting carcasses and a bad smell, so I’ll stop now.

digital painting of fish

I haven’t been able to bring myself to the blogging table for quite a few days. Every time I think of writing, i talk myself out of it. I say that it’s stupid and unimportant. I tell myself that it’s okay to not add my noise the the Internet every day, or every week.

The fact is, I don’t want to do anything, but I really do. I want to do everything!  i want to make things. I want to draw and paint. I want to make necklaces.

I want time.

I could have time if i got up early in the morning. If I could get up early and do productive things every morning, everything would change. The experts say that successful people get up early. I think I want to be successful. How would I measure success? That’s another post.

I had better start before it’s too late hadn’t I?

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