All the signs are pointing

I applied for a job that I am almost qualified for. I did not get an interview for said job. I’m okay with that.

The u(U)niverse has a plan for me.  I know I’m on the right path even though I have doubts sometime. You see, I felt positive about the job as soon as I applied, but my confidence started to fade as the weeks passed. It wasn’t that I thought the job was out of reach.  Instead, it was as if something shifted in the aether. I started to know that the job wasn’t meant for me. Something better is coming, and every moment of every day moving me closer to that something.

I have this dream of making something artful and selling it. Maybe I would do that for a living, maybe not. I’d have a wonderful studio like you see in the magazine, Where Women Create.

My troupe leader, Margaret,  is hosting a belly dance workshop in conjunction with the Bloomington Belly Dances event. The workshop (taught by Kandice Grossman) is called Ancestry in Progress (New School & Old School Belly Dance Using the Suhaila Salimpour Technique).  There will be vending, and Margaret said that I could vend!  I’ve decided to take a chance and see if anyone wants to buy some of my digital art. I found a pretty good deal on 8 x 10 prints on linen paper from Scrapbooks Please, so I worked up a couple of things and had them printed. i think they’re okay.

Sadie and my prints.
Sadie and my prints.

I’m going to try a few more things before the print sale ends. I’m starting small, but I feel like I can do this!  I’m moving toward my hopes and dreams.

And I got a blog post out of it too!

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