I just wanted breakfast burritos

One morning last week, I decided to stop at the McDonald’s drive-through for a breakfast burrito meal with a large coffee. I treat myself once in  while.

Golden Arches

Anyway, I was relieved to see there was only one car ahead of me. So I pull up behind this car only to see it stop at the first ordering kiosk thing. There are two of these. It is customary to drive to the second one so that the person behind you can order at the first one. This system allows two cars to be served instead of one.  I’ve never been able to order at the additional kiosk at this location, but you never know, that day might have been the day.

Who does this? Who stops at the first one? I have never seen such a thing! I eventually placed my order and went to work.

I wouldn’t have related this incident in blog format if I had not had another weird, annoying experience at this same drive-through yesterday.

It was a busier. There was a car at the primary kiosk, and two more in front of it waiting to get to the first window. I rolled down my window at what I’m calling the additional kiosk just in case someone offered to take my order. No one did.

The car in front of me pulled forward and so did I. I placed my order and wanted to proceed to the first window, but the car in front of me is not moving. The passenger, a man in his 50s, has exited the car in order to retrieve a lunch bag from the trunk. Meanwhile, the car ahead of them has moved forward. So because of this trunk pitstop, the person behind me can’t move up and place his order.

They finally move up, get to the window, and pay. They move forward only a little bit, but the car in front of them hasn’t moved much, so I don’t fault them. I’m able to get close enough to the window and pay.

The car ahead of the car in front of me has reached the second window. The car in front of me moves up a little, but they leave a huge gap between them and the first car. I can’t leave the first window, the car behind me can’t pay, and it takes quite a while because there’s a delay in delivering the food to the first person.

I finally get my food. Then when I’m driving down the hill to pull out onto the road, the oldest man in the world crosses in front of me. He was so slow and so very  wrinkled. I watched him cross and thought you gotta admire the guy for taking this walk. He probably didn’t have a choice though, so I wish him the best.

Is this a fast food Twilight Zone? Is the universe telling me to stop giving my money to a company who won’t pay its workers a living wage? I might have to start making my own breakfast burritos.

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