A morning person

Hello universe. I’m going to tell you what I want. It’s up to you whether I get it or not. Does that sound fair? Okay.

I want to be a person who blogs regularly. To do that, I need time. I should revise that to indicate that I need quiet time. I need time to myself.

I want to make great looking jewelry, and earn an income making that jewlrey. I’m making a start on that one, but again I need time to enhance my jewelry-making skills. I also need time to make the actual jewelry.


I want to improve my belly dance skills so that my improvised performances can be better. For that I’ll need (you guessed it) time.

I want to get healthier by putting more nutritious food into my body. That means cooking more and that means time.

I want:
A clean house
To watch more film noir
To be a better Library Science student
To get a great library-related job
To create mixed media art
To create digital art
To make art journals and scrapbooks and gluebooks
To get an instructional technology certificate
Do more Yoga (do some yoga)

I’m sure there is more.

I’m convinced that the key to some of this is getting up early.

So universe, I want to be someone who can go to sleep at night, and not wake up at 3am unable to get back to sleep until 4:30 or 5:00. I want to be a morning person. I want to get up and do Yoga and write.

That’s all for now.

3 thoughts on “A morning person

  1. In my capacity as Part of the Universe, I am replying to your communication. Allow me to recommend: No More Sleepless Nights by Peter Hauri et al.; Say Goodnight to Insomnia by Gregg Jacobs; and/or Sound Sleep Sound Mind by Barry Krakow. We understand a lot more about how to treat insomnia than we used too. If you have any reason at all to think you might have breathing problems while sleeping (awakening with dry mouth or headache? snoring?), Krakow’s book is very worth reading. The other two books came out earlier. Once a prospective client called my psychotherapy practice for insomnia treatment, and I couldn’t see her for about 3 or 4 weeks, so in the meantime I suggested those books. She called me back later to cancel the appointment–working with the books alone, she had solved her problem. Good luck!

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