Food Ruiners

Years ago, when I was in graduate school for dance, I was sitting in the dance studio between classes and eating Jello. One of the undergraduate students sat down next to me and said , “Do you know you’re eating horses hooves?”  I can’t remember what my response was, but I hope I said something like, “Mmm, I love’s me some horses hooves!”

Illustration of bowl of red gelatin

Something similar happened today. I was at my desk, enjoying my lunch of fish, vegetables, and brown rice with quinoa. A colleague sat down at the desk facing mine to use the shared computer that lives there.

He said, ‘”Something smells good.”

I said, “It’s fish.”

He asked what kind of fish it was and I told him I thought it was tilapia.

He said, “That’s a fish without too many heavy metals in it.”  I smiled and indicated that that’s a good thing, but I wondered why he had to ruin my meal by reminding me that a lot of the foods we eat are contaminated with industrial toxins. He then proceeded to mention something about the talapia’s digestive system. Apparently it’s a complicated one that allows for more junk to accumulate in the fish’s body.

Illustration of 5 fish on a line


If you want people to avoid having conversations with you, I recommend you emulate the behaviors of the people I just mentioned.

Kind readers, if you have a cause that you care about, please bring it up at an appropriate time. Don’t be a food ruiner.

By the way, I don’t think they make gelatin from animal products anymore.

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