Progress Delayed

I was sitting at a workstation in the Library Information Commons here at IUB, writing a post for my much neglected A Learning Experience blog.
I noticed a rather strange guy approaching one of the nearby computers. I thought he was strange because he didn’t look like an undergraduate student (most users of the Information Commons are undergrads), and there was just something about the way he was dressed, and the way he moved. When I see someone like this guy, I always think Aspergers Syndrome. That’s my go-to diagnosis.

So the computer the guy was trying to use wasn’t working. He got up and moved over to the cluster of machines where I was sitting. That’s when I smelled him. The odor was oiniony (if that’s a word). It was strong. It overwhelmed! I thought for a moment that I could tolerate it, but I could not. I saved my post as a draft and fled.

And that’s the story of my progress delayed.


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