Working with Words

  1. Ideas rolling in and out like the tide.
  2. We are just here as observers, but we insist on participating.
  3. Pain can’t hide under the bush with you.
  4. Pain is assertive, not aggressive.
  5. Iron is heavy and full. It brings something to us.
  6. I felt like a genius last night. Today I am dull, flat, and pale.
  7. This is an exercise that seeks to exercise itself. Or exorcise?
  8. I’m wanting more than I can handle.
  9. I grab and drop these things as would a pecking chicken.
  10. Is there a forever in my soul?
  11. Is this life bottomless?
  12. I’m alert now.
  13. Juxtapositions are just that.
  14. We are better off not making sense.
  15. Logic’s handles are slippery with wasted spittle.
  16. I am bear, rabbit, cat, goat, dog, sloth, snail, and both kinds of buffalo.
  17. Your lips are thin because you talk too much.Your ears are narrow from not listening.
  18. The planets are lining up. Which one is yours?3 Planets

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